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Exit Planning Institute is More Than an Education Company

We are your partner in exit planning and value acceleration training, professional development, and support services.

Put it on the Table: As a company, Exit Planning Institute operates with a set of core values and one of the most important is “Put it on the Table.” We are in business to deliver the best industry content, ongoing practice support, and a platform for advisor and owner education. We value our community, and we serve advisory firms of all sizes and disciplines who are interested in using exit planning to create significant, not just successful, outcomes for business owners.

CEPA Case Studies

Due to the variety of advisors in the CEPA community, we have numerous stories and examples of how the Certified Exit Planning Advisor Credential improves client engagements, builds value in advisory practices, and ultimately makes a CEPA an owner’s most valued and trusted advisor.


View these stories from our CEPAs in a collection of case studies highlighting how the CEPA credential has changed their practice.

Utilizing the CEPA Credential as a CPA
Stacy Kuxhausen - CEPA Case Study Statistic

Utilizing the CEPA Credential as a CPA

Learn how CEPA Stacy Kuxhausen incorporates the CEPA credential and education into her practice and how her business has grown since enhancing her thought leadership and exit planning knowledge. 

How to Use Your CEPA in a National Firm

How to Use Your CEPA in a National Firm

Learn how a CEPA with a national wealth management firm is utilizing his exit planning expertise in his practice and how the CEPA credential has helped to expand his practice through thought leadership in the exit planning space.

How CEPA Can Help Maximize Business Value

How CEPA Can Help Maximize Business Value

Discover how CEPA Christina Rebel-Otterbach gained a holistic perspective on exit planning after completing the CEPA program and now helps business owners with the personal and financial aspects of a business transition. 

Unlock Greater Business Value with the CEPA Credential
Joe Strazzeri - CEPA Case Study Statistic

Unlock Greater Business Value with the CEPA Credential

Learn how Award Winning CEPA, EPI Faculty Member, and EPI Chapter President, Joe Strazzeri, utilizes exit planning in his practice and how the CEPA credential has helped to expand his family of companies through thought leadership in the exit planning space.

Utilize a Compherensive Approach to Exit Planning
Mike Garrison - CEPA Case Study (2)

Utilize a Compherensive Approach to Exit Planning

Learn how CEPA and EPI Academy Faculty Member, Mike Garrison, is utilizing his exit planning expertise in his practice, and how the CEPA credential has helped to expand his practice and thought leadership in the exit planning space.  

Client Testimonials

"As a result of my education and certification from EPI, I am much better prepared to work in the exit planning market. In addition, the materials and educational support I receive on an ongoing basis from EPI is far superior to other programs that specialize in this market."
Jan Graybill, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, CEPA®, MSFS

CEO & Managing Partner of Legacy Planning Partners

"I am glad I picked EPI over the competition because I was looking for educational based information and not glitzy marketing of exit planning. I feel EPI provided what I was looking for. My challenge now will be how to free up my legal practice enough to start implementing this into my practice."
Anonymous CEPA® since 2018

Attorney at Law

“I have worked to integrate different CEPA principles into my own company that have helped to move the needle internally. I have also worked to expand my network of professionals to team up with and refer with in the future. The CEPA® is a differentiator for me in my area of practice, which has already opened up some new opportunities.”
Matthew R. Barrette, CEPA®

Senior Financial Consultant at Market Square Advisors

“CEPA® is exactly what I have been looking for now for years. I am working, and have been for years, as a ‘Quarterback’. I have written about this process in many national publications. The process is going to supercharge my practice! A sincere thank you!!!”
Justin Goodbread, CFP®, CEPA®

Founder of Heritage Investors, Contributor to Forbes Finance Council, and Author of Financially Simple

“For any CPA considering this, my comment to them would be that above all of the things that CPA’s do for their clients, nothing is more important than exit planning. A successful exit is the ultimate service a CPA can help provide to their clients.”
Bill Kenedy, CPA/ABV, CFF, CEPA®

Partner at Lutz & Company PC

“I found that the Certified Exit Planning Adviser program run through the Exit Planning Institute was an excellent program that provided a broad background and coverage of the issues that every business owner should understand prior to the commencement of the business sales process.”
Peter Hickey, CEPA®

Managing Director | MAUS Business Systems

“This is the best exit planning designation out there. You get a great education through the class and you get continued support from the staff and the network that you get to know through the program.”
Brett Spencer, CFP®, CEPA®

Financial Planner at D3 Financial Counselors

“Last year I decided to study the CEPA program through the Exit Planning Institute after I’d made a decision to specialize in Exit Planning for SMEs. I found the program to be exactly what I was looking for because it brought together all the required learning into one comprehensive solution and formalized my qualifications as a Succession Planning & Exit Strategist.The instructors were fantastic, so experienced. The things I learned gave me a lot of confidence to do what I do, and the ongoing support network helps to reinforce and overcome the challenges faced. I highly recommend the CEPA Credentialing Program for this rapidly developing market.”
Leigh Riley, CEPA®

The Exit Experts | Highett, VIC

“After 22 years of working with business owners to grow, groom and capture the value of their businesses, I found something amiss. Upon learning about the Exit Planning Institute, I decide to attend its certification program. I was not sure what my expectations were, but after 5 days of intense lecture and discussion with regards to the various aspects of exit planning, I found what I was missing. The Exit Planning Institute brought together the many disciplines and processes to provide a comprehensive solution a business owner needs to prepare not only their business but themselves for the day they exit their business. I would highly recommend this program to anybody working with business owners.”
Billy Richardson, CEPA®

TBSI Consulting | Waco, TX

“The CEPA Credentialing Program in Chicago was excellent. From an administrative standpoint, the course was well-run and professional- facilities, instructors and food were superb. More importantly though was the extensive real-world training that practitioners are able to immediately apply to their practice and add value to clients, regardless of if you are a CPA, consultant, wealth planner, broker, M&A specialists, or valuation analyst.”
Jeff Plank, CEPA®

HLB Gross Collins, PC | Atlanta, GA

“Thank you very much for the CEPA Credentialing Program I attended. I found the content, information and ideas provided excellent value to be able to be implemented and the follow-up with templates and ongoing support of good value. The other participants in the course were all very welcoming and of a high standard and lovely people to work with. I strongly recommend anyone wishing to engage clients for Exit Planning to participate in the CEPA Credentialing Program.”
John Murray, CEPA®

John Murray & Associates | Ballarat, VIC

“I went into the CEPA class not really sure of what to expect — WOW — was I ever pleasantly surprised! The material was all-encompassing of all things Exit Planning; hitting on areas that I needed exposure to. The instructors and speakers were amazing; not only knowledgeable but enthused about their role and sharing information about their particular aspect of exit planning. The week was challenging- – as you would hope it would be as it stretches your knowledge and lends credibility to the certification itself. The greatest takeaway from the entire process was how absolutely necessary the role and function of Exit Planning is in providing a successful transition for business owners who have worked so hard to build their businesses and deserve to achieve their goals when transitioning. Lastly, the other attendees were incredible. They brought expertise from around the country and were giving in their support to others taking the class — – everyone wanted everyone else to succeed. It was an incredibly rewarding investment in oneself!”
Dennis Leininger, CEPA®

Myriad Advisor Solutions | Clive, IA