UBS Business Owners Client Segment


UBS Business Owners Client Segment

UBS Business Owners Client Segment originated in 2017 with the mandate of providing the necessary resources and intellectual capital to Business Owners and the Financial Advisors who serve them. UBS has identified the Business Owner space as one with great potential so the firm is focusing on enhancing and expanding the solution set for this client segment in order to build deeper and fruitful relationships. Traditionally, wealth management firms engage a business owner client surrounding the liquidity event, but UBS is looking to build stronger relationships further in advance so Financial Advisors can better compete for assets.

UBS is primarily known for personal wealth management which typically occurs post-sale for a business owner. However, there are valuable resources and expertise that can be leveraged at UBS during all stages of the business owner lifecycle (i.e., startup, growth and maturity). Some examples include a global family office, a network of boutique investment banks, business lending and insurance solutions, Planning, philanthropic, ESOP, family governance and retirement plan services. Not only is UBS helping businesses achieve a maximum valuation, the firm is also helping business owners understand the emotional, financial, and business components during a business transition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the many resources UBS has to offer in helping Business owners before, during and after an exit
  • Insights on the business owner demographics and the “exit wave”
  • Interactive case study of a business owner who is going through a business transition


About the Summit:

Every year, the EPI community gathers the top 200+ advisors from across the industry (and the world) at the Exit Planning Summit.  A major part of the Summit experience and value is that EPI has built a strong, collaborative network of solution providers specifically geared toward supporting advisors like you in changing the outcome for exiting middle market business owners.

The Exit Planning Summit is the “Super Bowl” for Exit Planning Experts, Advisors, and Middle Market Business Owners. It contains the best content taught by top experts in the marketplace. The Summit brings together 200 of the top CEPAs a part of EPI, combined with other leading advisors, thought leaders, and partners within the exit planning space. This September in San Antonio, advisors from across the globe will gather to learn the latest in exit planning while immersing themselves in a big conference atmosphere with a interactive, workshop personalized feel. The highlights for the 2019 Exit Planning Summit will expand your view, challenge you to greater heights, and reinvent the way you approach the middle market.

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Meet the Presenter

James Jack

James Jack

Director, Head of Business Owner Client Segment

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James is the Head of the Business Owner Segment within the Strategic Client Segments team, which was formed in late 2017. James has been with UBS since 2006 where he has worked in the WMA Banking Group to build banking, cash and lending solutions that meet the needs of High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals and the Financial Advisors that support them. James has driven and executed strategies to expand securities based lending, developed a proprietary credit card tailored to UBS’s unique client base, and helped to manage UBS’s more than $60 billion deposit platform. In his current role, James focuses on assisting Financial Advisors on bringing the resources and capabilities of UBS to bear in order to provide comprehensive services and advice to business owners.

James holds a BS in Finance and Economics from New York University’s Stern School of Business and enjoys experiencing travel and cultures different from his own. He also holds FINRA Series 7 license.

Connect with the Presenter: UBS Financial Services Inc. | Email:| Phone: (201) 352-3497


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