OwnerRoundtable Series

For CEPAs invested in growing their market impact while deepening client relationships while using education, thought leadership, and best-in-class content. The Owner Engagement Program platform provides you access to licensed owner education content and executive coaching in the areas of exit planning engagement execution and marketing strategy. This level is the only advisor membership in the exit planning industry that offers the newly-released OwnerRoundtable Series, a proven, transformational piece of your business development strategy. In addition to all benefits from Credentialed and Mastermind membership levels, Owner Engagement Program benefits include:

OwnerRoundtable (ORT) Series  (UP TO 5 USERS)

  • Launch Release: Value Maturity Index
  • ORT Marketing: Written event strategy, invitations, digital, email templates
  • ORT Delivery: Scripts, materials, presentations, handouts
  • ORT Training: Virtual training with your executive team
  • ORT Assessment: Initial analysis of existing client opportunity
  • Next Release: 4Cs; Reunion
  • Next Release: Owner Focus Group; Exit Panels

Leveraging a Proven Process with Owners

Once you’ve signed up for the Owner Engagement Program, you will be invited to the next approaching Discovery Day two-day training (hosted at EPI Headquarters) where you will learn how to execute the OwnerRoundtable Series as well as best practices to launching your program.

You will also receive an individualized mini-marketing assessment with EPI’s executive marketing expert(s) and will be able to visualize and formulate in real terms how to come to market and where to begin.


The single biggest challenge facing exit planning advisors today is competition.  But not your typical competition, not the “advisor next door.”  You are up against the greater opponent: DOING NOTHING. The OwnerRoundtable Series, a part of the EPI Owner Engagement Program Membership, is a robust learning asset kit that advisors can leverage in their practice to attract the right clients, quicken the lead-nurture process, and land long-term exit planning engagements.

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Membership Benefits

Your membership with the Exit Planning Institute will provide you with powerful member benefits, available only through EPI, including the knowledge, tools, and skills you will need to deliver exemplary exit planning strategies, advice, and support for your clients.  Your purchase of the Certified Exit Planning Advisor program includes your first year of Credentialed Membership dues; Mastermind and Owner Engagement membership options are available for upgrade.  Explore your benefits by clicking below.

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