Next Up in the Mastering Exit Planning Series: Accelerating Value in Any Environment


Next Up in the Mastering Exit Planning Series: Accelerating Value in Any Environment

The next round of webinar series is based on the theme of accelerating value. Specifically in this four-part series, we’ll dive into how to accelerate value in any environment.

We had a chance to sit down with EPI Vice President Scott Snider, and he answered some important questions for us about the upcoming series.

Why Accelerating Value?

The Value Acceleration Methodology is all about value. In order to have a good foundation of knowledge on value, it is critical for any advisor that works with business owners, particularly those who specialize in transition.

Last webinar series, we concentrated on the first step, identifying and understanding value, and for this series of webinars, we will cover how to accelerate by protecting and building value.

Now more than ever, protecting and building value is important given the current environment. It is imperative to protect what you have today so that you can accelerate strategically in the future.

How Can You Build From the Last Theme: Triggering Event

The Triggering Event is just the beginning. It gives business owners and advisors a better understanding of value by assessing and identifying it. Then what’s next? Protecting and building to accelerate are next.

That is the focus of this next series.

What Experts Are Collaborating?

In this series, we have collaborated with value growth experts and valuators. These advisors specifically have years of experience working directly with business owners on accelerating the value of their businesses by focusing on both tangible and intangible factors.

These experts’ knowledge ranges from understanding financial performance to accelerating value through focusing on the 4Cs (Customer Capital, Human Capital, Structural Capital and Social Capital).  

We will finish this series with three extremely talented and veteran strategic value growth consultants, Melanie Wall, Gordon Bell and Kent McKown. All three advisors have worked with companies of all sizes across the U.S. and internationally sharing some real world, real life stories from the field.

Who Should Attend?

Both advisors and business owners should attend this series. The attendee is someone who is looking to understand how to rapidly grow the value of a company and gain exposure to quick strategies and true stories that will help do this. In addition, for advisors specifically, this is a significant series to have your business owners attend with you. It will be a massive value add.

One Last Nugget

Value is the largest, most talked about topic coming out of the CEPA Program. Particularly, the Five Stages of Value Maturity is even more of an intriguing topic to many advisors.

As value is so important in the exit planning process, we hope to deepen the knowledge of the advisors. We want to educate on how to understand value, how to communicate it back to the business owner, how to help the owner protect their business value, and lastly how to build through rapid value acceleration.

If done correctly, this will undoubtedly create better businesses regardless of exit.

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