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Book Review: Maximize Business Value: Begin with the Exit in Mind

This week’s #LEP read was Maximize Business Value: Begin with the Exit in Mind by Tom Bronson. Reviewed by: Jordyn Austin, EPI Marketing Coordinator

Maximize Business Value (in 100 words or less)

Maximize Business Value: Begin with the Exit in Mind is a road map that business owners can use to maximize their value and begin moving toward a successful transition. This was a very quick read, and only took me about three hours total to finish.

Only 17% of Business Owners Exit Successfully

Bronson presents an initial concern of the low amount of business owners that actually exit their businesses successfully. 83% of businesses that attempt to transition never complete it, so this means that only 17% of business owners transition successfully. Bronson seeks to close that gap.

…an exit is a once in a lifetime event. When it’s time to exit, most business owners probably have never been through it before, so it becomes a classic ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ scenario.”

Tom Bronson, page 13

The Most Bang for your Buck

From my perspective, Tom Bronson obviously writes from years of experience, thought, and application. The conversational style of writing offered specific pointers on how to exit what you’ve built and how to move on to the next step. This way, you get the most bang for your buck. This can be applied to multiple areas of life. When you work hard for something, you want to be able to see the fruit of that labor.

You Didn’t See It Coming

From the perspective of an owner, I believe the book really hones in on planning for the unexpected. Being able to spot and manage unexpected pitfalls gives you a lead on instances that can dramatically change your business. I’m sure a business owner would never want everything they worked for to be wiped out in one sitting, so this book is very helpful when it comes to preparation.

Let’s Rate It




Am I an Expert Yet?

Though I am not an expert, I believe this book was the most relatable I’ve read thus far. As I read, it felt as though I was speaking directly with Bronson, an experienced guy who just has “been there” before. The book definitely increased my knowledge about planning for a successful exit.

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