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Walking to Destiny is the go-to book for business owners looking to transition their business and wealth successfully

In 2016, Chris Snider, President and CEO of EPI, wrote the first book on the Value Acceleration Methodology called Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth. The book is written for business owners by a business owner. It’s a proven system to maximize value, grow income, and build a business that can run without you, even if you never plan to leave. And if you do think you won’t ever exit your business, the business owner who never plans to leave needs a well-functioning, attractive business more than anyone.

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Chris felt compelled to write a book to arm fellow business owners and their advisors with the knowledge and understanding to recognize their potential and actually know how to execute tactics to grow and harvest the wealth locked in their businesses. It is also designed to bridge the understanding gap between advisors (who EPI trains) and owners and get them on the same page. From an advisor perspective, the Value Acceleration Methodology has become the leading process for exit planning and is prominently utilized by exit planning advisors across the world. We want to change the outcome for business owners who have invested their lives in their business. To do that, we need to change the paradigm of how exit planning is perceived by owners. Exit planning is good business strategy. Exit planning is now. With readiness comes success, freedom, and wealth, and providing that roadmap on your walk to destiny is the purpose of Walking to Destiny.

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Chris Snider hosted 12 webinars for owners called “90-Day Business Sprints” and broke down the eleven actions an owner must take to rapidly grow value and unlock wealth. We encourage advisors to watch those (they are free) and also consider using those same recordings or concepts to educate your own clients and prospects. Learn the concepts that accelerate business value and unlock the wealth housed in your business. And see those changes enhance your performance every 90 days using the Value Acceleration Methodology. Watch all webinars here.

Chris Snider, EPI CEO

Chris Snider, EPI CEO

Author of Walking to Destiny

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Chris Snider, CEPA, is the award-winning author of Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth, a business strategy book about the Value Acceleration Methodology(TM.  Snider is a renowned content provider to the middle market business community, trade & industry associations, and professional education organizations. For his written work and contributions, Snider has been awarded recent honors that include 2016 NACVA Industry Titan Architect and 2016 AM&AA Thought Leader of the Year.  Snider is the Managing Partner of Snider Premier Growth, the CEO/President of Exit Planning Institute, the Founder of ThinkTank Publishing House, and the contributing author of SniderValueIndex.com.  Chris is a family business owner, owning stakes in 8 lower middle market companies with his son, Scott.

Connect with the Presenter: Exit Planning Institute |  Website: www.Exit-Planning-Institute.org  |  Email: csnider@Exit-Planning-Institute.org   |  Phone: (216) 712-4244  | LinkedIn: Connect with Chris