An ESOP is a flexible, tax-efficient exit strategy that allows owners of privatelyheld businesses to extract liquidity by selling some or all of their stock in the 
company. This session will provide education on ESOPs and how they can 
benefit business owners while helping to structure and implement a broader 
succession plan. We will discuss how an ESOP can work as an alternative to a 
traditional M&A transaction to help owners achieve a wide variety of goals, 
such as maintaining control of the company; passing the company on to their 
children or family; keeping key management and employees involved in 
company operations; and more. We will also discuss the importance of hiring 
special counsel for ESOP transactions to ensure compliance with ERISA law. 


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what an ESOP is and how it works
  2. Understand the pros & cons of ESOPs to a selling shareholder, compared to 
    other exit strategies
  3. Understand how an ESOP can be part of a larger succession plan

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern Time
Where: Zoom
Cost: Free
EPI Hours: 1

Who Should Attend?

  • CPAs/Accountants

    Owners participating in the State of Owner Readiness research continue to indicate that you are the No. 1 "Most Trusted Advisor." You are a natural fit to lead the exit planning team and deepen your relationship (and retention) of next generation owners.

  • Attorneys

    You have close relationships with clients, and can benefit from being the first advisor to introduce the idea of exit planning.

  • Mergers & Acquisition Advisors

    Proper exit planning causes less deals to fall through at the last minute. Connect with CEPAs to build your healthy deal flow network.

  • Financial Advisors

    One of the critical ‘legs of the stool’ is personal financing planning. An owner must have a strong financial plan & contingency plan post-transition to enable them to thrive in the next act of the lives personally and financially. Exit planning brings this future mindset into the present. Exit is now.


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