Optimizing Value While Safeguarding Your Assets: Exit Planning With Nevada Estate Planning Strategies


Ask the Expert Broadcast: Optimizing
Value While Safeguarding Your Assets:
Exit Planning With Nevada Estate
Planning Strategies

When it comes to your exit plan strategy, it often seems including Nevada trust law was developed with you in mind. Nevada leads the nation in the three trust strategies every CEPA should know: Nevada Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (NDAPT), Nevada Incomplete Non-Grantor Trusts, and Nevada Dynasty Trusts. Combining Nevada’s advantageous trust laws with no state and no corporate income taxes and right away, Nevada becomes the ideal situs to include in your exit plan.

Alliance Trust Company of Nevada is an employee-owned and independent trust company domiciled in the state of Nevada. As an independent trust company, Alliance prides itself in providing flexible trustee services and administration with the ability to work with advisors without interference.

Greg Crawford, Alliance President, is an expert in Nevada Estate Planning Strategies and how you can optimize your exit plan while protecting your assets for multiple generations. Learn more about what Nevada can do for you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Nevada estate planning strategies provide post-exit tax and asset protection benefits
  • Combining flexible trust laws with flexible trustee services
  • Looking ahead: The right time to consult your estate planning attorney early


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Meet the Presenter

Meet Greg. As the president of Alliance Trust Company of Nevada and a sought-after Nevada estate planning speaker, Greg Crawford develops strategy, drives growth, and oversees operations for Alliance. For two decades, Greg has designed and implemented asset management and asset protection strategies for multi-generational families in the United States and abroad for some of the largest institutions in the world. This work involves comprehensive financial planning, portfolio design, business entity structure strategy, and sophisticated estate planning techniques.
Greg is a regular speaker on the benefits and advantages of Nevada trust situs at estate planning conferences internationally. A native of Menlo Park, California, Greg holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Davis, and a Master of Health Administration from the University of Minnesota. Greg is certified in financial planning by Boston University and is a Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner and a Certified Financial Planner.
Greg has regularly been quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Financial Times of London, and has appeared as an on-air expert on CNBC, Bloomberg and ABC World News Tonight.
Greg has lived in Reno since 2000 and is married with two children. He is a member of Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church, the Reno Angels Investor Group, the Entrepreneur’s Organization, Reno Sunrise Rotary, and the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition.

Connect with the Presenter: Alliance Trust Company of Nevada| Website: www.alliancetrustcompany.com | Email: jgcrawford@alliancetrustcompany.com | Phone: (775) 297-4000

About Alliance Trust Company of Nevada: Alliance Trust Company of Nevada is a privately held, 100% employee-owned and operated trust company domiciled in the state of Nevada offering a wide range of trustee and trust administration services.
As an independent trust company, Alliance is not a subsidiary of, nor affiliated with, any brokerage house, insurance company, or bank. We engage our clients and their established teams of professionals without interference. The Alliance team understands the effect excessive fees have on trust accounts and seeks to maximize the value of services for each client.
Nevada is an especially attractive trust jurisdiction because of advantageous trust laws, its many tax benefits including no state or corporate income taxes, and the most secure asset protection in the United States.>

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