State of the Institute Address

Mid-Year Review


State of the Institute Address Mid-Year Review

This special edition of the Weekly Update Live featured a Mid-Year State of the Institute Address from EPI Vice President, Scott Snider.


Learning to Pivot

Over the past 60 days, the whole world has had to pivot. In this broadcast, EPI Vice President Scott Snider discussed the current market position of EPI, the future of CEPAs, forecasting for the rest of 2020 and our 3-year vision, and trends and topics for CEPAs.

In this time of information overload, EPI wants to lean further into our promise to you: Best Industry Content. Ongoing Advisor Support. Owner Education Platform. We want to deliver you readily-available, reliable communications during this time when sifting through data can be overwhelming and even misguiding at times.

Your Feedback is Valued

EPI believes in “The Power of Feedback.” This broadcast was an opportunity for the members of the Exit Planning Institute to glean insights and pose questions directly to the leaders of the organization. Your perspective, needs, and participation help us grow, impact and refine our approach. Together, we can change the outcome for the middle market!

In case you were unable to catch the live broadcast, here are the six key points Scott Snider touched on.


Here are the 6 key takeaways from the broadcast:

You Asked, We Answered…2020 Launch of New Member Center

A brand-new member center will be launched this year with amazing features:

  • New content
  • New tools and resources
  • New interface, easier to navigate

New Content

We have new ideas for campaigns, blog posts, our website and upcoming events.

  • New email campaigns
  • Owner roundtable library subscription
  • Core concept pieces covering COVID-19
  • Research projects


We will provide relevant, member benefit, education programs for you and owners.

  • Guidance for navigating the future
  • Virtual series around relevant topics

Webinar Series

We plan to provide a monthly themed series for a robust education experience. The series will feature different styles of webinars based on the theme of the month.

  • 1 on 1 education course
  • Deep Dive webinar: practical case study and application based
  • Solutions and partners that support
  • Real talk, Real Stories: a talk show where we take questions from the audience and dive deep into how topics apply practically

Research Pieces

We are partnering with others to create two advisor and owner facing compelling research pieces.

  • Topic Idea: How advisors have pivoted through COVID-19

Chapter Network

We are currently working to regroup chapters and give them the necessary tools to create successful virtual environments.

  • Virtual meetings
  • Virtual events
  • Adding four new chapters this year

Explore and find all chapters.

Reinvent yourself with exit planning.

Reinventing yourself is key. When owners cross your path, you will be prepared with leadership expertise, leadership tools, technical expertise, and the support of the network to positively affect change for business owners.

Missed the live broadcast? Watch the Special Edition Mid-Year Review now by clicking here.

For more information and in case you missed the live broadcast, you can watch the 2020 Special Edition Mid-Year Review with Vice President Scott Snider now by clicking here. Additionally, connect with your local EPI chapter to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and events!