CEPA Referral Program – Growing the CEPA Community

CEPA Referral Program - Growing the CEPA Community

Creating significant companies is critical to a business owner’s success. Aligning business goals to the owners personal and financial goals ties everything together for a meaningful outcome. To truly make a change, we need likeminded advisors who believe in the same organizing principle, concepts, and process. Exit planning is an ecosystem, and as a CEPA, you are the most critical part of it.

In 2020 we added over 1,200 CEPAs to the marketplace. We saw advisors from across the globe come to the CEPA Program, growing our international presence by seven more countries. Functional specialists that advise owners such as marketing consultants, IT providers, and leadership and executive coaches joined our CEPA programs in record numbers. We also saw more business owners coming to the program to learn about the process and methodology.

Together we can make an impact. If you enjoyed your CEPA experience and you have gained significant knowledge, refer a friend and help build a community of advisors that can serve owners needs in three areas; Business, Personal and Financial.

If you refer a fellow advisor and they become a CEPA, you will both earn a $100 credit towards EPI classes, products, and membership. Simply put, if you refer four people that become CEPAs, you have nearly half of your Credentialed Plus membership covered for the year, or the entire Credentialed membership covered and then some!

Interested in learning more about our CEPA referral program? Contact us!

Let’s build the most significant advisor community, help owners change their outcomes, and create significant companies.