Don’t Leave Your Exit Up To “Luck”

Don’t Leave Your Exit Up To “Luck”

There are certain things that should not be left up to “luck”; “Good Luck” only takes you so far. It might make your trip to the office void of red lights or your lottery scratch off’s more profitable than most, but it’s not something you should stake your business on. You might be lucky even without the help of a rabbit’s foot or four-leaf clover, but all the luck in the world will not help you have a successful business exit. Without preparing for an exit, you have a better chance of meeting a Leprechaun than harvesting the value of your business.

It’s Not Luck… it’s a Detailed Strategy

Exit planning is not just a plan. It is a strategy rooted in execution that grows value while expanding options so that an owner can transition the business on their terms when they are ready. It aligns the business, personal, and financial needs of the owner. Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA) educate the owner on all the exit options and enters an engagement to truly serve the business owner’s diverse needs. CEPAs collaborate with a seasoned, multi-disciplinary team of professionals to support the success of the business owner and use each other’s specialties and expertise to the benefit of the project. Without a detailed strategy in place that includes the Three Legs of the Stool, your business exit will not fully meet your business, personal, and financial needs.

Planning For Your Future Today

The Value Acceleration Methodology is your strategic framework for executing exit planning. It is the value management system that makes the timing of an exit irrelevant. Exit planning is laser-focused on what you can do right now to grow the value of the business and drive income. The Value Acceleration Methodology is a necessary process towards getting the most out of your business. By focusing the approach on building a business with characteristics that drive value and integrating the owner’s personal and financial objectives into it now, there will be many options to exit on the owner’s timeline and terms. Utilizing the Value Acceleration Methodology helps to assess and mitigate risks in your business to grow and harvest value and increase profitability in a potential future sale.

Lucky for you, we have a large community of Certified Exit Planning Advisors who are ready to assist you in your exit planning process.