EPI Black Friday Packages

EPI Black Friday Packages

We have embraced this new virtual world by transitioning our in-person events to virtual programming for the remainder of the year. Our virtual events offer the same great content in a safe and convenient way for CEPAs, business owners, and advisors. In years past we have offered amazing Black Friday Deals for our in-person conference, The Exit Planning Summit, as well as membership discounts. This year, we are changing course and offering a variety of Black Friday promotions for virtual events, membership discounts, book offers, and access to amazing content libraries. And no need to worry, our deals will last longer than one day!

$1,500 – CEPA Masterclass + Beyond CEPA Package

Our CEPA Masterclass + Beyond CEPA Package includes everything a great advisor needs to fully support their clients during the Exit Planning process. You will receive access to our full five-day CEPA Masterclass, which offers attendees an innovative learning experience, performance-enhancing resources, and the strategic insights and tools to help them advance their practice in a transitioning marketplace.

CEPA Masterclass Registration

Upgraded 1 Year Owner Roundtable Library Membership

10 copies of Walking to Destiny by Chris Snider

Practice Launch Lite – Releasing later this year!

($4,100 Value)

$1,000 – Owner Education Content Package

Our Owner Education Content Package provides enhanced content to our members. Gain access to additional content libraries that can be utilized to grow your advisory practice.

1 Year access to Owner Roundtable Library content

10 copies of Walking to Destiny by Chris Snider

Practice Launch Lite – Releasing later this year!

($2,500 Value)

The ORT Library provides turnkey owner facing content and tools meant to directly educate the business owner on the value acceleration methodology, making you a more sought-after advisor. The library also includes materials and marketing pieces to help the CEPA conduct and host virtual or in-person educational owner roundtables including topics on Five Stages of Value Maturity, Value Acceleration Methodology and Exit Options.

Walking to Destiny is the go-to book for business owners looking to transition their business and wealth successfully

Walking to Destiny is a book written for business owners by business owner, Chris Snider. It is a proven system to maximize value, grow income, and build a business that can run without you, even if you never plan to leave. This book also acts as a great leave behind for your new and potential clients. 

Practice Launch Lite is a virtual workshop with Exit Planning Institute’s CEO, Chris Snider. He utilizes his own consulting and exit planning firm, Aspire Management, to show advisors how to create actions plan to implement exit planning into their practices as a service and into their marketing. The workshop will allow the advisor to understand how to position their practice for business development, practice management, and client delivery.

$52.00 – Missed the Bash? Get the Box! 2020 EPI Insiders Bash Box

Includes 6 of the tops reads for 2020 and Bash accessories.

Stories that Stick by: Kindra Hall

Willing Wisdom by: Tom Deans Ph.D.

The Reality of Change by: Fred Johnson

Poised for Exit by: Julie Keyes

Maximize Business Value by: Tom Bronson

Walking to Destiny by: Christopher Snider, CEPA

Mocktail and Recipe

Inaugural Bash Mug

 Pivoting Pasta Recipe

Value Prop

($130 Value)

$96.00 – Rapidly Maximize Business Value Book Bundle

Seeking to help your business owner protect, build and accelerate value in 2021? Position yourself to help drive that process with some of the top value acceleration and exit planning books on the market today. The ValueMax Workbook allows the owner to work through their strategic value assessment in a detailed manner.

3 – ValueMax Workbooks for Owners

2 – The Master Plan by: Peter G. Christman

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by: Verne Harnish

Poised for Exit by: Julie Keyes

Maximize Business Value by: Tom Bronson

Hard Copy of Walking to Destiny by: Christopher Snider, CEPA

Change the Outcome coffee mug

Value Prop

($240 Value)

While you may be shopping differently this year, the fact remains: you will not want to miss out on our EPI Black Friday Package Deals!

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