EPI Greater Boston Chapter Relaunches!


A Look Into the EPI Greater Boston Chapter Relaunch

Exit planning is becoming one of the fastest growing industries due to the staggering number of Baby Boomer business owners set to transition their businesses over the next five to ten years.  To ensure local owners achieve their goals, a collaborative group of Greater Boston leaders are coming together to relaunch a chapter to educate the marketplace and connect them with action-creating education.

Boston, MA – The Exit Planning Institute™, in cooperation with a collaborative, diverse, and experienced team of top advisors and leaders from the Greater Boston marketplace, joined forces to relaunch the Exit Planning Institute Greater Boston Chapter on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 hosted at UBS Financial Services, Inc. This local faction is different than many other networking professional organizations in the market. The EPI Chapter is cross-functional, meaning that it attracts and engages advisors, experts, thought leaders, media, and business owners from diverse backgrounds to engage in exit planning and value acceleration education that can ensure the continuity of the local marketplace and improve the success rates for transitioning businesses as they look ahead to the future.

As evident in the vast amount of recent research studies, including the State of Owner Readiness Survey, the U.S. landscape is set to transition six million businesses over the next 5-10 years. Baby Boomer business owners are reaching retirement at a rapid rate, and these same owners own 66% of all companies in the U.S., it has been indicated that the majority have not accounted for their ultimate exit transition. This means that they are not prepared and will very likely fall subject to the statistic “only 2 out of 10 businesses that go to market sell” and run the risk of getting a lower price for their business than they need or even worse, won’t sell at all.

“One of the greatest transfers of wealth over the next decade will be liquidity events by businesses owned by baby boomers. There is record liquidity available from potential buyers, and multiples have never been higher, but business owners are not prepared – nearly 90% of potential sellers fail – and that presents an outstanding opportunity. Over the last year, I have been working with a multi-disciplined and extremely talented group of individuals to launch the Exit Planning Institute’s Greater Boston Chapter. The goal of the Greater Boston Chapter is to provide outstanding content and resources to help business owners and the collaborative professionals they work with, to accelerate the value of their businesses and to manage their business strategically with transition in mind.” – Stuart McLeod, EPI Greater Boston Chapter President

With 66% of businesses coming to market over the next ten years, the economic implications have never been higher and the need for Baby Boomers to be proactive in their approach is key to seeing these valuable businesses change hands and keep them from closing their doors.  This is a nationwide reality is addressed by these leaders and the EPI Greater Boston community.

The EPI Greater Boston Chapter will produce educational content throughout the year and continue to increase and expand its content library for Private Business owners and the professionals that serve them. Meetings will be hosted monthly, learn more at www.EPIBoston.org If you are interested in more information or if you are an owner interested in attending, please reach out to the Exit Planning Institute at (216) 712-4244 for more options.

Chapter Leaders:

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