Happy Halloween from EPI

Happy Halloween from EPI!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Exit Planning Institute. We know a lot of thought and planning goes into your business exit, but how much thought and planning do you put into your Halloween Costumes? Are you a “throw it together at the last minute and hope it even slightly resembles what you were trying to be” costumer? Or are you a detail-oriented planner who makes sure even the most minute touches are visible in your costume?

We thought we would share some of our favorite Halloween Costumes from years past to give you an insight into our EPI Team and some ideas for your very own costumes this year!

Scott Snider: When I was a kid, we went to a Medieval Times Dinner and I loved the Knights; they were so badass! My mom always made my costumes by hand and I wanted to be a knight so I could joust, horse and all!
Jocelyn Bires: I was a witch (as I am sure you can tell).  I was 6 years old in this photo.  This is the first year I was a witch for Halloween and then continued to be one for the next three years as well. 
William Detki: The year was 1995 and I loved everything Power Rangers.  So when the Halloween season came I knew exactly who I wanted to be, the Pink Ranger. I begged my mom as she said “How about the Blue Ranger?”  I didn’t care that we shared the same name; his weapon sucked and he never did cartwheels, which happened to be my specialty at the time. So my mother and I settled on the White Ranger. I ended up with a plastic costume that ripped after every karate chop and cartwheel. The only good thing about the costume was I could color it in with pink marker… Guess we know who won that battle.
Alex Hooker: I was always obsessed with Disney movies (and I still am), and I really loved to swim so when I saw The Little Mermaid I thought it would be so cool to be a mermaid when I was five.  
Jesse Hudson: I am the head coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes, Urban Meyer, and my son is an Ohio State football player. My wife and I met at Ohio State, so that is why I choose this costume. My birthday is November 1st, so I enjoy Halloween because it feels like everyone is getting dressed up for my birthday!
Max Humphrey: I am Spider-Man. I liked the new Spider-Man costume that came out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Joke’s on me I guess, I thought I ordered the Tom Holland Spider-Man, I instead got the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man.
Joe Klauer: My girlfriend and I dressed up as a Greek God and Greek Goddess for Halloween last year. 
Paige Koerper: I was really into cows when I was younger so of course I had to be one.
Colleen Kowalski: I love Halloween and always try to come up with a creative homemade costume each year. My most recent costumes include my rescue dog, Remus (Remy) Lupin. This past year we dressed up as Captain Marvel and Captain America, and I think Remy will give Chris Evans a run for his money
Josh Koza: Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of me in a Halloween costume. Reason being, we never celebrated Halloween or went trick-or-treating when I was a child. My grandmother’s birthday was October 31st, so instead of celebrating Halloween, we had a birthday party for her every year. 
Scott Lang: One of my favorite costumes growing up was Spider-Man. I also dressed up as a “Blind Ref” one year.
Joshua Lewis: I’m not sure what I am, but that was every Halloween during my childhood. I was 1 of 6 kids and money was tight, so we made our own costumes.
Chase Ross: This was a pretty last-minute costume. My wife and I dressed up as a bar of soap and a loofah a few years ago.
John Weishar: My friend and I dressed up like characters from Top Gun for Halloween a few years ago. 

We hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!