What do Advisors want Deeper Education Around – LinkedIn Polling Results

What do Advisors want Deeper Education Around - LinkedIn Polling Results

Last week we asked our Advisor community what they would like to receive deeper education about. Here are the results:

22% said Launching their Exit Planning Practice
43% said Marketing and Owner Engagement
24% said Business Valuation and Value Enhancement
11% said Introducing the process to fellow advisors and colleagues

EPI Vice President, Scott Snider, provides a deeper look into this question:

These topics tend to be the four most talked about in the exit planning ecosystem. Undoubtedly the most sought-after topic for advisors across the board is marketing and owner engagement tactics. Why? Because engaging owners in a more holistic way through a Value Acceleration conversation is different than the way we currently engage owners in advisory services. The Value Acceleration conversation requires us to intrigue and then empower the business owner through educational conversations. Taking the next step to develop yourself and your practice is critical. EPI is a resource for you and provides content, tools and programming that allows you to advance yourself and your firm in all four of these critical categories.

Advisors in an accounting firm or consulting firm will be implementing a new service line and a new revenue stream if they conduct exit planning. They tend to have practice launch considerations, marketing, and owner engagement needs but want a deeper understanding of how value is determined. The topic of valuation tends to be one of the most interesting topics to financial advisors and wealth managers. This is likely because they manage the personal and personal financial side of an owner’s business and want to gain insights into assessing business value.

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