Intellectual Property (IP) can create tremendous leverage for a business owner, both for profitably operating the business and when preparing to exit. When used strategically - patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets - are assets that help to solidify the differentiation and value proposition of a business, and position it as best in class. Since IP is often misunderstood by business owners and consultants alike, it is often underutilized or neglected by business owners and not given enough attention during value acceleration. As an exit planning advisor, being aware of IP opportunities can provide some immediate action steps and quick wins when de-risking. In this interactive discussion, we will discuss action steps to have a significant impact on your client’s exit valuation by creating good IP strategy. 


Learning Objectives 

  1. Recognizing the 8 common blindspots that that business owners have around their IP
  2. Understanding the timing and deadlines for protecting IP
  3. Knowing the critical questions you need to ask your clients to discover IP risk and opportunities now, instead of having them discovered later during due diligence
  4. Understanding the factors that affect I.P. valuation

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, October 01, 2024
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Where: Zoom
Cost: Free
EPI Hours: 1

Who Should Attend?

  • Financial Advisors

    One of the critical ‘legs of the stool’ is personal financing planning. An owner must have a strong financial plan & contingency plan post-transition to enable them to thrive in the next act of the lives personally and financially. Exit planning brings this future mindset into the present. Exit is now.

  • Business Consultants

  • Mergers & Acquisition Advisors

    Proper exit planning causes less deals to fall through at the last minute. Connect with CEPAs to build your healthy deal flow network.


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