The Deal of a Lifetime – Firsthand Experience from Entrepreneurs Who Monetized Their Companies


The Deal of a Lifetime - Firsthand Experience from Entrepreneurs Who Monetized Their Companies

Entrepreneurs work for years, often decades, and in some cases, generations building their companies.  Typically the vast majority of their wealth is held within their business. As ownership nears retirement age, the competitive landscape shifts, or unsolicited interest approaches, these entrepreneurs consider selling their business.  The decision to monetize one’s business is not one to be made lightly and impacts a variety of stakeholders, including but not limited to family, employees, and community. For the overwhelming majority of business owners they get one shot at monetizing their most significant asset.

EPI Greater Philadelphia has assembled a panel of entrepreneurs who’ve successfully monetized their companies. These business owners are willing to share their stories, what went right, the challenges that arose, and what they might do differently this time around.


Learning Objectives:

  • How does an entrepreneur begin examining their exit options?
  • What advisors are involved in the exit planning framework?
  • How can entrepreneurs drive personal, financial, and business alignment in pursuing a monetization strategy?
  • How does a business owner balance the interests of various stakeholders in an exit plan?
  • With hindsight, how would these successful entrepreneurs change their transactions?


About the Presenter:

Hear from industry expert, Matthew Lang, CFP®, CEPA, Private Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, as he moderates the discussion.

Meet the Presenter

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This event will be held at The Inn at Villanova University.

Address: 601 County Line Road, Radnor, PA 19087.


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About the Presenter

Matthew Lang, CFP®, CEPA

Matthew Lang, CFP®, CEPA

Private Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Meet Matthew Lang, CFP®, CEPA:

Matt focuses his practice on delivering holistic wealth management advice to successful individuals and families. Having grown up in a family business environment—specifically one that has been in his family for more than a hundred years—Matt is equipped to address the planning needs of closely held business owners. He earned the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation, the most widely accepted and endorsed exit planning platform available. As a CEPA, Matt focuses on cross-functional consulting and value acceleration, drawing on a multi-disciplinary global network of high caliber advisors in the exit/succession planning community.