EPI TCMA Owner’s Forum: Do You Believe in Culture?


EPI TCMA Owner's Forum: Do You Believe in Culture?

Ben Utecht will walk your audience through four elite principles that are foundational in both life and business, during the Believe in Culture™ program. 

“On February 7th 2007, I stepped onto the Super Bowl field and into a Hall of Fame huddle with my teammates, including Peyton Manning and our head coach Tony Dungy. We became a world-class offense by creating a culture of champion leadership and dynamic communication. This culture was fueled by four foundational principles that together allowed each player to reach his greatest potential for the benefit of the team in a highly stressful and competitive environment. 

After football, I began to realize these elite principles were foundational in both life and business. The culture produced out of practicing our belief system earned us the greatest reward, a Super Bowl championship. It’s time for your organization to win. Believe in culture!” 

Learning Objectives:

  • Ben Utecht brings you inside the NFL Huddle to discover the steps to practicing championship listening. 
  • Experience the daily schedule of a Super Bowl contender and discover the keys of practicing championship learning. 
  • Listen in on the most intricate offense and audible system in NFL history to discover the facets of practicing championship language. 
  • Join the team and discover how practicing a championship culture of value and respect can propel you to new heights of success. 


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry expert Ben Utecht, Chief Performance Officer.

About the Presenter


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This meeting will be held at Midland Hills Country Club.

Address: 2001 Fulham St, Roseville, MN 55113.



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About the Presenter

Ben Utecht

Ben Utecht

Chief Performance Officer

Meet Ben Utecht:

Ben Utecht joined the team at Management Essentials to help organizations achieve elite performance through culture. 

In 2019, Ben joined the team at Management Essentials, an elite performance management company. Management Essentials believes in connecting leaders to performance through culture, leveraging a unique blend of capabilities including high impact performance keynotes from Ben, proprietary application of culture assessment software, performance coaching, and strategic planning. 

As Chief Performance Officer, Ben oversees all aspects of Management Essentials’ practice that is focused on helping organizations achieve elite performance through culture. Leveraging Management Essentials’ CulturePulse™ software, an elite team of executive coaches, sophisticated strategic planning capabilities, and Ben’s own speaking programs, Ben enjoys helping leaders connect to elite performance leveraging the methodology he learned in the NFL with the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts and Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy.