A Tale of Three Cities: How LFM Capital Partners with Portfolio Companies to Supercharge Growth


A Tale of Three Cities: How LFM Capital Partners with Portfolio Companies to Supercharge Growth

This webinar will dive into three LFM portfolio companies and explore the different ways private equity partners with management teams to help accelerate growth.

First, LFM will walk through its investment in EDSCO, a Denton-TX-based manufacturer of anchor bolts and fasteners for large steel structures.  LFM partnered with management to meaningfully grow the business through investing in capex and people, and by completing add-on acquisitions to bolster capabilities and improve the manufacturing process.

Next, we will talk about Medix, an Elkhart, Indiana-based ambulance manufacturer and former LFM portfolio company.  LFM worked with the Medix team to create a smooth transition and succession plan for the former owner to set the company up for its next phase of growth.  LFM also partnered with Medix in creating a new ambulance brand and building out its dealer network for wider product distribution.

Finally, we will dig into Eckhart, an advanced manufacturing solutions provider based in Lansing, MI, and LFM’s first platform investment.  LFM worked with Eckhart’s former owners to identify a strong leader for the company to facilitate their retirement and then hit the ground running on an add-on acquisition strategy to diversify the business on all levels – customers, geographies and products.


Learning Objectives:

  • Picking the right partner matters – people and cultural alignment is an integral part of selecting a private equity partner.
  • There are multiple paths to growth and achieving operational goals in private equity partnerships.



About the Exit Planning in Action Series:

This webinar series is full of deep dive case studies and real-life stories from the field. Learn how the Value Acceleration Methodology is implemented with business owners in both the early stages (pre-client) and the exit planning and value growth processes (client stage). Experts will introduce their stories and utilize case studies to dive deep into specific exit planning ecosystem topics over the course of a two-hour interactive and engaging virtual session.

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About the Presenter

Chris Lin

Chris Lin

Managing Director,
LFM Capital

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Chris Lin is a Managing Director at LFM Capital and is focused on transaction review and execution as well as portfolio company strategy, monitoring and support.

Prior to LFM, Chris spent his career with Bain & Company, a leading global management consulting firm. At Bain, Chris advised senior executives at leading Fortune 500 and middle market companies on business growth strategies, operational improvements and mergers and acquisitions. He also worked in Bain’s Private Equity practice, advising funds on investment opportunities and portfolio company value creation. His industry and capability experience at Bain focused particularly on technology, manufacturing, and operational improvement. He has worked in Bain’s offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tokyo, and New Delhi.

Chris earned his MBA and MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, where he also was an LGO program Fellow. Chris received a BS in Biomedical Computation, a field that applies principles of computer science to challenging problems in medicine and biology, from Stanford University.

Chris is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys travelling, eating, and cooking with his wife, Julia.

LFM Capital is a lower middle market private equity firm based in Nashville, TN.  Founded by engineers and former operators, LFM is focused exclusively on manufacturing companies.  We are driven by a passion for US manufacturing and our vision is to grow successful manufacturing businesses that leave a strong and lasting legacy.  We are investing out of our second fund, which is $185M in committed capital, and seek companies with $3M – $15M of EBITDA.

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