Discovering Without Interrogating


Discovering Without Interrogating

The Value Acceleration Discovery process is crucial. Deep and authentic conversations with the owner and other stakeholders are required to surface “enriched” data that matters so much when plotting an effective value acceleration action plan. To succeed, the advisor must be a nuanced and clever interviewer who can stay in the present for long periods of time without relying on a questionnaire. What interviewing techniques fully engage the owner?  How can we get an owner to trust us when our relationship is just beginning?  It turns out that neuroscience holds some of the answers. In this webinar, we will explore how our brains play a key role in determining whether and how genuinely you and the owner connect for a more successful Discovery.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn more about the neuroscience behind effective Discovery
  • Understand the differences between data and “enriched” data
  • Learn some interviewing techniques, tips, and traps applicable to the Discovery process



About the Exit Planning in Action Series:

This webinar series is full of deep dive case studies and real-life stories from the field. Learn how the Value Acceleration Methodology is implemented with business owners in both the early stages (pre-client) and the exit planning and value growth processes (client stage). Experts will introduce their stories and utilize case studies to dive deep into specific exit planning ecosystem topics over the course of a two-hour interactive and engaging virtual session.

The EPI Exit Planning in Action Webinar Series is a FREE web-based continuing education presentation for EPI members and the general public. Topics for the webinars complement the EPI Value Acceleration Methodology, a process created by Christopher Snider, and taught in or at the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Program. These one-hour educational broadcasts are taught by industry experts from across the nation. Review upcoming broadcasts below.



Exit planning is one of the fasting growing industries in the financial/professional services industry and EPI is committed to bringing you the best industry content, right at your fingertips! We are proud to offer hundreds of free webinars each year to keep you current on technical, business development, and special interest topics: designed to help you sharpen your skills and advance your career.

About the Presenter

Sean Hutchinson, CEPA, CMAA

Sean Hutchinson, CEPA, CMAA

RFN Global Partner, Strategic Development and Partnerships (USA),
RFN Academy

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Sean specializes in working with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them define and achieve their ideal business outcomes. The silver tsunami has the potential to re-define our country and our communities in unprecedented ways. As a faculty member for EPI’s CEPA designation, Sean trains advisors of all backgrounds to become exit planning professionals. Sean is determined to help business owners and those who advise them to achieve the best possible outcomes. Sean sees his work as transformational, not just transactional, and it all comes down to getting business owners ready for next.

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RFN’s structured approach to value acceleration and transition-readiness, creates accessible programs and a community built on collaboration and keeps the business owner top of mind.

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