The Social Component of Networking

The Social Component of Networking

Networking can have some negative connotations. We have all been to a “networking event” that was really just the constant exchange of business cards. But we never get to know the person whose beautifully designed card now rests in our pocket. However, attending an impactful networking event can provide opportunities to meet and connect with like-minded individuals in your field, build your professional relationships, and grow your business. 

Building Strong Relationships

Recent research suggests that 80% of professionals believe that career success can be elevated through professional networking. Joining a strong network of professional advisors not only benefits you personally by providing you with a new group of like-minded individuals but positively impacts your business as well. 

However, studies show that less than 50% of professionals actively engage with their network. Without nurturing these relationships, your network is nothing more than a collection of names on a screen. There are numerous groups that professional advisors can join to build their referral network. These can be global organizations, national associations, or local groups. Make it a point of action to attend at least one networking event per month to expand your professional community. 

The EPI Chapter Network

The EPI Chapter Network creates a forum where the local community of professional advisors can collaborate and address the unique needs of their community. Chapters develop educational programs for business owners and professional advisors that build awareness and better prepare an owner for the successful exit of their business. 

The purpose of the EPI Chapter Network is to create, encourage, and foster the adoption of best practices in the exit planning profession. Chapters promote the common interests of business advisors engaged in exit planning.

Attend an EPI Chapter Social

This month, ten EPI Chapters are hosting socials for their members to connect and form meaningful professional relationships. These events range from happy hours to Lawn Bowling and provide advisors with the opportunity to engage with others in their area interested in exit planning. 

Review the calendar below and head to our events page to register for a social near you! 

Are you interested in joining a chapter near you? Visit to find a chapter in your area.

Don’t see a chapter in your region? EPI Chapter Presidents are industry thought leaders. Running a thriving EPI Chapter is a group effort and takes a dedicated leadership team to ensure the new chapter succeeds. If you have a passion for changing the outcome for business owners and building significant companies, establishing an EPI presence in your community gives you the chance to make your mark.

Learn more about launching a chapter here.

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