2022 State of the Institute: Where is EPI Headed?


2022 State of the Institute: Where is EPI Headed?

To best forecast the future of your business and personal life, you must first understand where you are. Join the Exit Planning Institute on January 27 at 1 PM for our 2022 State of the Institute Address with EPI President, Scott Snider.   

How Are You Measuring Your Company Success?

What is your organization doing to ensure your success? Without actively measuring key performance indicators in your business, how will you gauge improvement and growth? EPI CEO, Chris Snider writes in Walking to Destiny, the importance of understanding your business accomplishments and disappointments. He shares, “look at your vision, three- to five-year competency goals, brand statement, and metrics. Are there any new strengths, weaknesses, threats, or opportunities? Revisit your annual initiatives, targets, and metrics.”

In order for a business to go from successful to significant, business owners must actively work towards building transferable value. 

How to Measure Your Success:

  • Conduct 90-day sprints, Quarterly Renewal Meetings, and accountability meetings
  • Do you have established and written Core Values? Is your team living these Core Values?
  • Are you following your company’s purpose?
  • Are your business goals aligned with your company vision?
  • Is your company set up to meet or exceed your three-year goals? 

What to Expect from the State of The Institute Address

Along with the rest of the world, EPI continues to evolve and adapt to serve the exit planning advisory community. In this special edition broadcast, Scott will recap his vision statement for EPI and share how this vision has already begun serving the exit planning community.

Scott will share the wins and areas for improvement from 2021 on a local, national, and global scale. During this webinar, he will dissect winning formulas from CEPAs across the world, and share EPI’s strategic direction for 2022. In addition, attendees will receive a first look at advancements, exit planning market insights, the future for EPI, forecasting 2022 and our 3-year vision, and trends and topics for CEPAs.

As a company committed to bringing you the best industry content, ongoing practice support, and owner education opportunities, don’t miss this chance to connect with Scott Snider live and keep up to date, pose your questions, and see how EPI can support you and your practice in 2022. 

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