Do You Know Your Exit Planning Trivia? Celebrating National Trivia Day

Do You Know Your Exit Planning Trivia? Celebrating National Trivia Day

What is your favorite piece of trivia? Is yours the name of Judy Garland’s daughter, perhaps you know the name of the Academy Award Winning Best Actress from 1973, or maybe the only child of two Academy Award Winners to win an Academy Award? 

(The answer to all of the above is Liza Minnelli if you were curious.) 

As we begin another year filled with exit planning education, resources, and events, we thought we would start the year with a little exit planning trivia! 

How many advisors earned the CEPA credential in 2022? 

In 2022 Exit Planning Institute’s CEPA community grew by 1,063 people! As the Certified Exit Planning Advisor community grows, we continue to be inspired by the diverse advisors, owners, and thought leaders we have the honor of educating about the importance of comprehensive exit planning strategies.   

How many Gates make up the Value Acceleration Methodology?

The Value Acceleration Methodology, created by EPI CEO and CEPA, Christopher Snider, is a Three Gate methodology for successful exit planning. The methodology is broken down into the Discover Gate, Prepare Gate, and Decide Gate.

The first gate of the Value Acceleration Methodology, the Discover Gate, includes three key components. These are a Business Valuation, an Assessment of Owner Needs, and the Creation of a Prioritized Action Plan. These components collectively act as a Triggering Event to begin the owner’s exit planning process.  

During the second gate, the Prepare Gate, business owners and advisors work to strengthen the business values and mitigate risks by making strategic improvements. These actions prove that value-building systems are in place and help owners reach their desired personal, business, and financial goals.   

The third gate in the methodology is the Decide Gate. It is in this phase of value acceleration that owners decide if they would like to continue growing their business value and stay with the company, or if they are prepared to exit their business with the most wealth. 

What is the primary reason owners give little to no attention to their business exits? 

According to our 2022 Colorado State of Owner Readiness Report, a comprehensive study that collected information from over 400 business owners, the primary reason owners give little to no attention to their business exits is they are “Too busy growing my business to focus on exiting.” 

32% of owners stated they were too busy growing to focus on exiting. The next highest responses were they believed they were too young or their business was too young to begin planning for their eventual exit. However, what these owners failed to realize is their eventual exit strategy would be impacted by the things they are doing in their business in the present. Without a detailed plan for their future and the future of their business, the owners have little idea of what is necessary for a significant exit. 

What is Exit Is Now: Plan Accordingly? 

Exit Is Now: Plan Accordingly is a new podcast from Exit Planning Institute President, Scott Snider. Scott shares, “Our new show will discuss my life as an entrepreneur. As someone who has, let’s say, grown up through Value Acceleration. I want to show everyone how the Value Acceleration Methodology comes to life.”

During the live podcast, Scott and his guests will discuss trending exit planning topics, business success stories, and learning opportunities for owners and advisors. 

Join us live on Facebook and Linkedin on January 11 at 1 PM EST for the first episode of Exit is Now: Plan Accordingly. Scott will be joined by guest, Christopher Snider to talk about where the Value Acceleration Methodology all started!   

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