2020 EPI Local Chapter
Midyear Schedule


2020 EPI Local Chapter Midyear Schedule

The Exit Planning Institute (EPI) supports more than 25 local chapters from coast-to-coast (and counting). Every chapter is a hub for advisors, leaders, and experts to network with complementary disciplines to his/her specialty, earn continuing education, and collaborate on exit planning projects.

Every chapter is led by a top Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and a local leadership team to cultivate a go-to source for advisors and business owners alike. As natural collaborators, these chapters forge strong bonds with influential organizations including local media outlets and business journals, colleges and universities, as well as major brands in the financial/professional services space and reputable member associations like AICPA, AM&AA, ACG, NACVA and more.

From every corner of the United States, local advisors lead projects, host owner-educational events and workshops, and conduct media-grabbing research in an effort to spread exit planning awareness to the millions of business owners nationwide that can benefit from the realization that, whether you are a Baby Boomer or Millennial entrepreneur, exit planning is simply good business strategy.

Offering unique, interactive sessions and networking (as diverse as an exit planning team itself).

Exit planning is not one size fits all and neither are the educational topics offered monthly! The content offers a wide array of topics that appeal to any advisor that serves business owner clients and wants to ensure that the business doesn’t cease to exist when the owner inevitably exits.

Virtual Events

Now virtual events are happening throughout the remainder of the year! Chapters are inviting other chapters across the U.S. to attend each other’s virtual events. If you are interested in another chapter’s event topic, now is the time to register! There are so many to choose from.


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EPI Central Ohio

  • JUN 23: Emotional Considerations for Transitions


EPI Georgia

  • JUN 11: Survey Results: The Impact of COVID-19 to U.S. Middle Market Businesses


EPI Greater Los Angeles

  • JUN 11: Effective Strategies Used to Transfer the Ownership of a Business


EPI Greater Nashville



EPI Greater Philadelphia

  • JUN 4: Crisis Leadership and Getting Back to Business


EPI Northeast Ohio

  • JUN 10: PPP and The Care Act: Loan Forgiveness, Valuation, and Business Sale


EPI Northeast Wisconsin

  • JUN 3: Panel Discussion – Navigating Family Dynamics During Business Transitions


EPI Orange County

  • JUN 11: Innovative Tax Planning for Business Owners
  • JUL 9: Business Operations and Tax Considerations in the “New Normal”
  • AUG 13: The Entole™ enabled Private Family Trust Company (PFTC) – A Bespoke Fiduciary Solution to Achieve a Competitive Advantage through Enduring Professional Collaboration
  • SEP 10: 21 Ways to Reduce, Defer, or Eliminate Capital Gains Tax
  • OCT 8: ESOPs – A Tax Advantaged Liquidity Option for Business Owners
  • NOV 12: Unlock the Hidden Value of Your IP Assets


EPI Rocky Mountain

  • JUN 4: Political Environment and Outlook


EPI San Diego

  • JUN 17: Nevada Trusts for Business Owners
  • JUL 15: Small Business Loans – Where Are We Now and What Did We Learn?
  • AUG 19: The Cowboy Cocktail: Utilizing Wyoming LLCS and Wyoming Trusts for Better Asset Protection
  • SEP 16: Third Party Sales and the M&A Process:  Maximizing Value and Terms via The Controlled Auction Process
  • OCT 21: Helping Families and Stakeholders Gain a Renewed Sense of Comfort
  • NOV 18: Buy Sell Agreement Disasters


EPI Southeast Michigan

  • JUN 23: June Peer Share / Best Practices
  • JUL 14: July Peer Share/Best Practices
  • AUG 4: August Peer Share / Best Practices
  • SEP 15: September Peer Share / Best Practices
  • OCT 13: October Peer Share / Best Practices
  • NOV 10: November Peer Share / Best Practices
  • DEC 8: December Peer Share / Best Practices


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