Mastering Exit Planning


Mastering Exit Planning Webinar Series

In an effort to provide the professional advisory community with as much education as possible, EPI is proud to announce our new live broadcast that will feature a monthly-themed webinar series: Mastering Exit Planning.

The Mastering Exit Planning Series combines downloadable content, tools and webinars to give attendees deeper knowledge of the value acceleration methodology and exit planning process.

This is a four-part, monthly-themed series that features industry masters and partners. Each part of the series includes downloadable content and gives attendees an opportunity to interact with the industry masters live through zoom conference calls.  

The series can be viewed as individual parts and/or the attendee can follow each week as the series builds upon each other throughout the month.


New Monthly Themes

Each month, the webinars will surround one specific theme. With a four-part series, we will continue to build upon what we covered in the previous weeks. This gives us an opportunity to build a quality series that more deeply explores critical and relevant topics.

The Benefits of Themed Months:

  • Newer CEPAs will have a chance to further their education even after completing the CEPA program
  • Gives veteran CEPAs an opportunity to hone in their skills
  • Provides non-CEPAs, including business owners, with a better understanding of exit planning and growth-oriented topics

Upcoming Broadcast Theme: The Triggering Event

To kick off our new webinar series, we will start with the Triggering Event. The Triggering Event is an assessment that helps both the business advisor and the business owner understand the value of the company as it is today.

In this webinar series, we will discuss the basics of identifying and assessing value, how you can utilize the triggering event to better understand that value and how to use this engagement to increase value overtime.

Each session will take you through a different element of the Triggering Event, from learning the basics or the methodology, to real life application stories, and everything else in between.


Mastering Exit Planning: What to Expect

Part 1: An Introduction to Exit Planning Concepts

In this one-hour live presentation, the attendee will learn the basic definitions, concepts and process for the exit planning topic of the month in presentation lecture form. There will be 50 minutes of lecture-based education and 10 minutes of Q&A.

Objective: Introduce the topic or concept, developing a solid foundation and baseline of knowledge.

Part 2: Application of the Exit Planning Concepts

In this case study based, two-hour live broadcast, the instructor will take the attendee through applying the topic of the month using a real-life case study. The discussion is 90 minutes long, followed by 30 minutes of open discussion and Q&A.

Objective: Showcase how the topic or concept is applied in real life with a business owner or within an advisory practice.

Part 3: Exit Planning is Collaborative

In this one-hour live broadcast, the attendee will be introduced to the key collaborative partners and tools that allow the exit planning advisor to excel in their practice, develop efficiencies and generate revenue producing opportunities as it relates directly to the monthly theme.

Objective: Expose and introduce the attendee to collaborative partners.

Part 4: Real Stories, Real Results

The final part of each series is raw, authentic discussion as a host interviews the industry masters. The experts will discuss their own practices, how they are working with their business owner clients, how they are applying monthly concepts and they will give real life implementation advice. This discussion is 60 minutes long with Q&A throughout.

Objective: Obtain real life, unfiltered, implementation advice from experts.

Industry Master Line-Up

As you engage in this new webinar series, you will get to meet various industry masters month-to-month. These experts are CEPAs, non-CEPAs, authors, and other professionals with vast industry knowledge.

The attendees will gain exposure to relevant high-quality content and experts in the field today. Furthermore, getting to know these experts outside of the “classroom” is an added bonus.


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The Exit Planning Institute believes in constant professional development. We encourage continued learning and growth. We also strive to bring you consistent, thought-provoking and topical broadcasts to help you, your business, and your clients.

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