Fireside Chat with Mona Pappafava-Ray, President and CEO of Carbide Corp.


Fireside Chat with Mona Pappafava-Ray

We are continuing our trend of bringing high level family business leaders to share their experience and story with the chapter. Mona will be sharing the history of her family’s business, how she revamped the company and pivoted from a manufacturer of semi-finished tooling to a leader producer of finished tooling. She will also discuss how she manages to keep the spirit of her family present in the company today.


Learning Objectives:

  • Hear from an experienced family business owner on how she navigated a growing business with increasing family demands
  • Learn how she turned a lifestyle business into a growth business focused on value creation
  • Understand what is driving her company forward into the future


About the Presenter:

Learn from industry experts Mona Pappafava-Ray, President and CEO of General Carbide Corporation, and Frank Bovina, Vice President at S&T Bank.

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About the Presenter

Mona Pappafava-Ray

Mona Pappafava-Ray

President and CEO Carbide Corporation

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