Projecting Your Business’s Future Value


Projecting Your Business's Future Value

To achieve a successful exit, you need to build significant value into your company, and building value begins with a solid financial plan.

Do you know where your business will be in 12 months? Can you calculate the financial impact of your business decisions so that you understand what will drive value for you?

Most small business owners do not have an accounting background and do not know how to do a financial projection themselves. We created ProjectionSmart so that anyone can create a full financial projection for their business in less than an hour. Your financial projection will be the financial plan you need to build the value that leads to a successful exit.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the benefits of seeing your financial future.
  • Learn how a financial plan will help you build value by helping you understand the financial impact of your business decisions.
  • Learn how anyone can do a full financial projection in less than an hour with a tool that was made for business owners who do not have a finance or accounting background.


Intangible Capital: Structural


About the Rapidly Accelerate Value: The 4 C’s Series:

Begin identifying, protecting, and building significant value into your company by focusing on the four intangible capitals: Human, Customer, Structural, and Social. Through this series, attendees will be introduced to key topics that should be addressed when creating value inside of a business. The series will focus on people, process, systems, customers, and culture. The experts will introduce the various topics, conversations, and strategic questions a business owner will need to ask and address to build value.

The EPI Rapidly Accelerate Value: The 4 C’s Webinar Series is a FREE web-based continuing education presentation for EPI members and the general public. Topics for the webinars complement the EPI Value Acceleration Methodology, a process created by Christopher Snider, and taught in or at the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Program. These one-hour educational broadcasts are taught by industry experts from across the nation. Review upcoming broadcasts below.



Exit planning is one of the fasting growing industries in the financial/professional services industry and EPI is committed to bringing you the best industry content, right at your fingertips! We are proud to offer hundreds of free webinars each year to keep you current on technical, business development, and special interest topics: designed to help you sharpen your skills and advance your career.

About the Presenter

Roger Scherping

Roger Scherping

Founder & President,

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Roger Scherping has spent 20 years managing small companies. Most of them were struggling or in trouble, and he was always able to get the companies back on their feet and on a path to profitable growth. Today he works as a small business consultant focusing on companies that use the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS, or Traction). His small company experience led him to create ProjectionSmart because he realized how much his forecasting ability helped him succeed in managing and turning around small companies. He recognized the need for a tool to help small business owners who lack a finance or accounting background see their financial future.

We started ProjectionSmart to help entrepreneurs and small business owners. We know how important understanding the numbers of your business is to your success. We also know that understanding your numbers can be really difficult for someone who doesn’t have a finance or accounting background. That’s why we made ProjectionSmart so easy to use!

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