EPI Celebrates World Teacher’s Day

EPI Celebrates World Teacher’s Day

People are constantly learning and growing. To advance in your career, uncover new areas of expertise, or pick up a unique skill set, advisors need to learn from best-in-class teachers. October 5 is World Teacher’s Day. To celebrate, we are highlighting some of our EPI Faculty. These professionals educate our Certified Exit Planning Advisors during CEPA programs, host webinars and CEPA Think Tank sessions, and lead EPI Academy Courses. 

CEPA Faculty

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor® (CEPA®) is the most regarded exit planning credential in the marketplace today, endorsed and accepted by more than 40 significant organizations for a reason. In order to ensure the best exit planning education in the market, EPI brings together experts to teach the 23 CEPA modules.  

This ensures that you are learning the most current, specialized, relevant industry information and knowledge from leaders with the expertise. It takes a team to effectively help an owner transition successfully. And it takes a team of experts to educate top advisors like you on how to do it.

Christopher Snider, CEO of Exit Planning Institute and Head of Faculty, shares, “Exit planning is a complicated, multi-year, emotional, expensive journey. It involves a lot of people: advisors, family, employees, partners, customers and suppliers, your community, with the owner at the center, which makes it even more complicated. A plan with no action does not change the outcome.”

Meet some of our CEPA Faculty members here.

EPI Academy Course Instructors

EPI Academy is Exit Planning Institute’s new interactive online learning platform. The platform was designed to allow advisors to quickly find the content and education they are looking for to enhance their practice and get the most return on their CEPA credentials. These include recommended learning and professional development plans. EPI Academy courses provide both introductory and advanced learning options for professional advisors and business owners looking to improve their expertise and the value of their businesses. There are currently seven courses available through EPI Academy. 

These courses are taught by members of the EPI Faculty and subject matter experts in various industry topics. 

EPI President Scott Snider teaches Basics of Value Acceleration, Implementing the 120-Day Playbook, Practice Launch Lite, and CEPA Exam Prep.  

Christopher Snider teaches Determining Enterprise Value. Amy Wirtz, Family Business Consultant and CEPA, teaches Team Building: Defining, Building, and Leading Well Functioning Teams. Kiley Peters, Founder of RAYNE IX and Brainchild Studios and CEPA, teaches Marketing for the Professional Advisor Masterclass

Webinar and Think Tank Speakers 

Our EPI Webinar series offer CEPAs, professional advisors, and business owners the opportunity to hear from industry experts across a variety of fields pertaining to exit planning. Webinar topics include becoming a holistic advisor, strategies to implement exit planning, and educating business owners. 

View all upcoming webinars to meet some of our expert speakers.

Our CEPA Think Tanks are held virtually every other week and hosted by the EPI Member Experience Team. These best practice and networking groups introduce CEPAs to new topics from experts while integrating best practices through deeper guided conversations with fellow CEPAs from around the world.

For more information about our CEPA Think Tanks, reach out to our Member Experience team

We are honored to have such an influential and successful faculty of instructors and educators in the EPI Community. 

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