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Content Exhale

Exit Planning Institute Content Exhale

2020 was a roller coaster of a year. Take a look back at our year in Exit Planning by reading some of our favorite articles from 2020.

Ten Essentials for Leading Well in Tough Moments

“During the Great Recession, many companies sought my advice for proceeding through uncertainty which had rattled their employees, thus accelerating fear-based environments. I found myself returning to the same guidance this week in my conversations with corporate leaders.  Here is what I shared with them” [Read More]

Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Supporting the Business Community

“Because of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, we know that not all heroes wear capes. Members of the EPI community have certainly proven themselves as heroes during this time as they support the business community” [Read More]

Introducing EPI Masterclass™

“Businesses have been thrown into such tumultuous circumstances. Hour-by-hour, new information is released (some bad, some good). On top of that, owners and advisors alike have to sift through the onslaught of data coming their way from all angles while trying to lead their company through this crisis” [Read More]

How to Build a Team that Produces Big Results

“Among this pool of leaders is 2019 Member of the Year Award winner, Vincent Mastrovito, CEPA, CBEC. Mastrovito is the Founder and President of Prometis Partners Inc., as well as the Chapter President of EPI West Michigan” [Read More]

Mastering Exit Planning – Introducing a Webinar Series

“In an effort to provide the professional advisory community with as much education as possible, EPI is proud to announce our new live broadcast that will feature a monthly-themed webinar series: Mastering Exit Planning” [Read More]

Introducing the EPI Insiders Bash

“We are proud to announce the Insiders Bash presented by the Exit Planning Institute. We’re coming together for three days of celebrating the best people, collecting the best content and connecting with advisors and owners from all over” [Read More]

Insiders Bash Recap

“Hosting a conference in a virtual environment, especially one with 12 hours of content a day, could have easily gone into “Zoom Fatigue” territory. However, the right mix of engaging speakers, lively interview segments, and plenty of opportunities for networking, greatly diminished the chance of fatigue” [Read More]

Planning for the Unexpected Exit

“Our newest Marketing Coordinator, Colleen Kowalski, shares her experience with an unplanned exit and how it relates to Exit Planning” [Read More]

Exit Planning Haunted House

“Many business owners are afraid of the word “exit”. Any discussion of leaving their lifelong business sends a chill up their spine. Thinking about exiting your business is like going through a Haunted House. You find yourself afraid of monsters lurking beyond every corner and try to take a path that limits the amount of times you will scream, jump, or give up on the journey all together” [Read More]

Team Building in a Virtual / Socially Distanced Environment

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted every aspect of business. While the most crucial changes to your business include pivoting your products or services to suit the needs of your clients and customers; supporting your employees during the global pandemic should be of great concern for business owners” [Read More]

The “Family” in your Family-Owned Business

“Advising a client to grow value in their business before an exit comes with more than its fair share of challenges. However, when the business is a Family-Owned entity, you can face even more hurdles. Family-Owned or controlled businesses make up to 90% of all businesses in the United States and represent a large market for CEPAs” [Read More]

Growing our EPI Team during a Pandemic

“Every great company is made up of even greater people. We believe that at EPI, we have the best people, not that we are biased or anything. In order to continue to provide high quality educational content for our members, we invest in our employees and their growth within the company” [Read More]

EPI MythBusters – I Don’t Need a CEPA because I am not Planning on Exiting My Business Soon…

“You, like most business owners, probably do not like to talk about your future beyond your business. Maybe you think your business is your future and planning an exit strategy can seem like you don’t care about the success of the company in the short term” [Read More]

Benefits of a Pet Friendly Office

“A few weeks ago, we introduced two new team members and discussed how our team has grown during the pandemic. But we forgot to mention a couple other new additions to the EPI workforce. They can’t type a hundred words per minute… or any words for that matter” [Read More]

Prepare for Your Financial Future by Making a Gingerbread House

“If you have watched at least one made for television Christmas movie in your lifetime, you know the hallmark of this genre includes: “A Gingerbread House building contest during a quaint town festival”. The characters – usually an architect who claims their skillset will make them unbeatable and a marketing professional trying to get away from the big city – bake, build and decorate their gingerbread masterpieces over the course of the movie” [Read More]

The Twelve Days of EPI Christmas

“You have probably heard the classic Christmas song, “The 12 Days of Christmas” at least once in your lifetime. Partridges, Turtle Doves, French hens, Swans, and few other species of birds are just a few of the gifts brought to you by your “true love”. If you are like me, Marketing Coordinator Colleen Kowalski, and you are terrified of birds, this song is more of a nightmare than a heartwarming song about receiving gifts” [Read More]

CEPA Masterclass Testimonials

“In April of 2020, we pivoted our in person CEPA programs to a new model. Our CEPA Masterclasses provide a virtual classroom experience that trains and certifies qualified professional advisors with the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation in the field of exit planning. During the last nine months we have educated over 980 people in the exit planning field to become CEPAs” [Read More]

NEW in 2021: Updated CEPA Membership Model

“According to Vice President, Scott Snider, ‘Our purpose is to create significant companies. By helping an owner create a significant company we not only help them today, but we will help them better position themselves for an exit. To help further that goal, this month we will debut many new member-oriented items’” [Read More]

We cannot wait to see what 2021 brings to EPI and the Exit Planning Community as a whole!