Mastermind Groups: Partnering w COI’s Focused on CEOs and Exit Planning


Mastermind Groups: Partnering w COI’s Focused on CEOs and Exit Planning

Top advisors know that connecting with the right people in the right places is the secret to building a successful, enduring financial services practice.

So, who are the “right people?”  They are Centers of Influence (COIs).

COIs are professionals who are well established in the community and understand the value of networking with other professionals from a variety of occupations, and with diverse expertise and experience. They are influential socially, politically, and/or economically, and they are knowledgeable about the growth and transitions that are occurring within the community, in the lives of other COIs and the changes/challenges their clients.

Knowing that advisors are well aware of the need to develop a network of key professionals, Mr. Kelley has researched and tested his now proven approach to building a productive and profitable network of professionals, and he is eager to share this strategy with others.

While every person in the advisors’ network is significant to their business development, advisors who implement this process will be guaranteed a pipeline of influential and wealthy advocates, leading to a high rate of client acquisitions and exponential growth in assets under management.


Learning Objectives:

  • A step-by-step process for finding and connecting with influential COIs who’s clients include business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs from a variety of occupations and with diverse expertise and experience.
  • Dialogues that will get your clients and other COIs to share their COI connections and CEO relationships.
  • A process for comfortably approaching COIs that will encourage them to join your COI network.
  • A proven strategy for building profitable COI relationships that will lead to exponential business growth



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About the Presenter

Sarano Kelley

Sarano Kelley

CEO of “The Kelley Group” Creator of “Mastermind Group for Advisers an INCCEOProject”

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Sarano Kelley has spent a decade developing and testing the COI Mastermind Group process included in the “Reversing the Deal Flow” program and is co-author of a best-selling book by the same name. He has helped more than 250,000 advisors improve their professional and personal lives using his innovative and effective system.

Growing up in a gang-infested neighborhood, Mr. Kelley beat all odds when he entered Vassar College at the young age of 16. When only 23, and in his rookie year at Lehman Brothers, he produced $400,000 in commissions. After being trained in communications skills by a member of the intelligence community, Sarano joined the oldest and largest communication skills training company in the U.S. Within four years, he became the top-rated trainer and the largest producer in that company’s history.

As his Wall Street career evolved to communications trainer, Mr. Kelley has been a sought-after trainer for Fortune 500 CEOs, media skills coach to The White House Fellows on behalf of the president, #1 rated speaker in the financial services industry and best-selling author. He has also appeared on shows such as Good Morning America, and with Brooke, has produced two television shows featuring their groundbreaking process.

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