Social Media Simplified (3 Things to Try)


Social Media Simplified (3 Things to Try)

I know, I know…social media is not a high priority on most productive advisors’ list of things to do. But did you realize that social media isn’t in place for you to simply “like” things and have others “like” you while you engage in shallow interaction and cat videos? It is one of the most powerful SEO drivers available at your fingertips today.

Learn three user-friendly things you can try right away on your social media platforms to increase your visibility and gain more traffic to your personal brand and website (and capture those leads).

Join the monthly EPI Business Development webinar series, hosted by growth specialist Scott Snider and marketing strategist Brooke Norman, to learn how to connect with owners, create vertical messaging in your marketing efforts, capture attention from PR & media, and win more exit planning business.


Learning Objectives:

  • List the four areas that can impact business growth
  • Map a path from social activity to your website to your lead capture forms
  • Identify how social media related to SEO page rank


About the Instructor:

Brooke NormanMeet Brooke Norman, EPI Vice President of Marketing for Exit Planning Institute and Snider Premier Growth companies plus a frequent speaker at industry events. For the past 10 years, Brooke has developed and led new growth strategies for middle market businesses in a variety of competitive industries, achieving accolades for outstanding achievement while creating top-line business results.

Ms. Norman is a top-rated speaker, writer, and educator. She leads many marketing workshops at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and other universities nationwide, to equip owners and advisors to develop marketing strategies that produce real results. Norman is one of the few marketing professionals in the industry to measure her success on one major indicator: revenue.

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You can help owners create strategies that will reduce risk, build value, and harvest wealth. Your credential is listed on your business card and you are ready for the floodgates to open…now what? As much as we’d like to simply learn new skills and have a line of clients waiting to pay us for our expertise, it is unlikely that demand will build itself. Exit planning is personal, transformational, and unique. And it will take new business development skills and effort to fill your sales funnel and put your practice in a position of abundance versus scarcity. We can help. Visit for advanced workshops for advisors.


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