Exit Planning Sales Funnel Management


Exit Planning Sales Funnel Management

What strategies do you currently use to win new business opportunities? And what is different about selling exit planning services? Do you understand how to fill your sales funnel and manage those opportunities effectively to the benefit of you and your existing clients?

Take a strategic look at your business, processes, and models, and explore how you can increase your revenue and streamline your marketing efforts through effective sales funnel management.

Join Jesse Hudson, Director of Business Development, of the Exit Planning Institute, as he discusses how to navigate and use the CEPA Platform offered by EPI, ideas on how to create awareness and drive new business, and how the value of being a part of EPI can generate new business for you when properly utilized.


Learning Objectives:

  • Measure how many existing clients meet the “Ready Now” exit planning criteria
  • Cite statistics from recent State of Owner Readiness™ Reports
  • Describe the Value Acceleration Methodology™


About the Instructor:

Jesse HudsonMeet Jesse Hudson, EPI Director of Business Development, works with top advisors from diverse disciplines that are interested in using exit planning and value growth for market differentiation, new billing opportunities, and thought leadership.  He brings a wealth of experience in both business development and operational efficiency strategies to the EPI executive team. Just like developing an effective exit planning strategy for a transitioning owner, EPI recognizes that adding exit planning to your firm’s strategy is not “one size fits all.” Which is why Hudson helps new and prospective CEPAs understand the marketplace opportunity and how it fits into your firm’s current service model.

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You can help owners create strategies that will reduce risk, build value, and harvest wealth. Your credential is listed on your business card and you are ready for the floodgates to open…now what? As much as we’d like to simply learn new skills and have a line of clients waiting to pay us for our expertise, it is unlikely that demand will build itself. Exit planning is personal, transformational, and unique. And it will take new business development skills and effort to fill your sales funnel and put your practice in a position of abundance versus scarcity. We can help. Visit www.HowtoSellExit.com for advanced workshops for advisors.


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